Favorite Food Spots in London

Hey peeps! Happy week-end to you all! Today let’s talk about FOOOOOD. For those who know me very well, you guys know how big my love for food is :).

I usually love going to health-conscious cantines, quality buffets and Middle-East food restaurants – that’s why you will find a lot of those in this article.

So let’s go! Here are some of my “bonnes adresses” in London.. Some of them there are almost my daily kitchen (yeah… getting into the londoner take-away (bad?) habit…):


Definitely my favorite so far when it comes to middle-east food restaurant… The menu is simply delicious, rich in flavors and it is absolutely heaven for your tastebuds – trust me! Honey&Co is the result of Sarit and Itamar’s love. They take their inspiration directly from their childhood and from their imagination – and the result is simply amazing.
I took the lentil stew (burnt aubergine, tahini, zehoug, scorched egg yolk & sfinj bread) as a main and the hot goat cheese plate as a dessert. No doubt I will come back to try more dishes! Fyi, I strongly recommend to make a reservation before going there. I didn’t the first time and luckily the manager did her best to get me a table whereas it was fully booked.
Food: israeli – middle-east
Price: £14,5 main dish, around £30 for a menu set + 10% service
Where: Fitzrovia. Great Portland Street or Warren Street tube

Wild Food Café

Another favorite! Wild Food Café is a raw and plant-based restaurant absolutely lovely. I brought my mom there when she came to London and she loved it!
We shared the Samurai burger and the Wabi-Sabi Kale Salad as mains and the Matcha Cheesecake as dessert. All raw, sophisticated and tasty, it was absolutely delicious with an explosion of flavors in the mouth! Oh and the plate are not only delicious but also very well presented!
Food: Healthy, raw, vegan and guilt-free
Price: £13 for a main, £4-£8 for a dessert + 10% service
Where: Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

The Good Life Eatery

I went there with my dear friend Manisha, I was not super enthusiast before going there as I read some reviews saying that it is expensive for what you get, but I decided to give a try a went there for lunch. I was not disappointed at all and the food is really good and your plate is very filling! I really loved my plate and only by looking at this picture I want it again! I had the Goodness Bowl with sweet potato falafels, avocado, cashew cream etc! I loved loved it!
Price: £7-£13
Where: Belgravia and Chelsea


Berners Tavern

I went there for a breakfast meeting. The place is ridiculously gorgeous and the service, under the direction of the Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton, is flawless. The setting received different prices including GQ best restaurant interior. I took smashed avocado on toasts with poached eggs and a side of smoked salmon. Perfect, nothing to complain about! Definitely want to go back for lunch and dinner!
Price: £10-£40
Where: Fitzrovia

Capture d’écran 2017-05-13 à 10.32.16.png
credit: Berners Tavern website

Hemsley Café

Ah this one… Really beautiful café secluded from the hustle and bustle of Selfridges. You really don’t feel like you are in a mall! I adore the atmosphere there and the staff is just so kind. I tried the soup and the salmon burger! Both are just delicious. Their salmon burger is one of their best-sellers (or maybe even the one?) and it is understandable. The soup comes with a bread made with quinoa and it is actually quite filling (in addition to be yummy and healthy!)
Food: Healthy & vegan friendly
Price: £6,5-£17,5 for a main + 10% service
Location: Selfridges, Bond Street tube station.

Salmon burger

Casita Andina

Peruvian foooddd!! One of my favorite kind of food on earth! I wanted to make my roommate Jolien try and we selected this restaurant, which is the sister of the famous Andina and Ceviche. Casita Andina celebrates the Peruvian culture through Cusco’s typical dishes and drinks but also craft, art and textile we can admire inside the place. We shared an Aubergine Jalea (Aubergine fries, pomegranate-chancaca honey, muña Andina herb cream) while waiting our ceviches. I had the Ceviche Casita, which is with raw seabass in yellow tiger milk. The dishes are so refined filled with sustainable ingredients and explosion of flavors. But what I probably like the most at Casita Andina is the staff – adorable and so friendly. We were the last people to leave and we stayed longer at the bar with the bartender who kindly made us try many typical Peruvian ingredients – for sur we gonna come back 🙂
Price: £10-£14 for a main
Where: Soho

Capture d_écran 2017-05-13 à 14.21.35
Credit: Casita Andina website

Mae Deli

If I say Deliciously Ella, does this tell you something? Or what about those little energy balls you can find near the payment counter in Whole Foods market and other places? All have the same person in common: Ella. After launching her blog in 2012, she opened Mae Deli in London in 2015 based on natural yet delicious food with a sustainable-oriented business. Among the yummy guilty-free treats, the cold-pressed juices and the milkshakes, you can also have lunch/dinner there. The main consist of a choice of 4 salads among the different ones available. When I say salads, don’t imagine just 4 different kind of green leaves – they are way more than this and they are preciously selected for their attributes. You can add a side with a  piece of salmon or chicken. I particularly love taking their sun-dried tomato falafels and their avocado dip – to die for! Also, all the daily leftovers are given to One Big Family charity, which aim is to feed homeless people. Delicious food and great values in a same place!
Food: Natural, sustainable, dairy and refined sugar free
Price: £1.50-£3.50 for a treat, £9,75 for a main
Location: Mayfair, bond street station and Maryebone, Marble Arch station


Island Poké

One of my go-to when it comes to lunch! It is so close to my office and the taste of their bowl is truly amazing. Initially, a poke is made of raw fish, rice, garnishes and soy sauce. At Island Poké, you have the choice between 3 kind of bowls: salmon, tuna and beetroot. You also have the possibility to go for the unlimited option where you can select everything you want (I usually take this bowl ahah). The place is quite small and gets very busy at lunch time but super cute – I mean, you can eat sitting on a swing watching people walking in the street; how cool is that?
Food: Hawaiian, raw fish
Price: £7.50 for a basic bowl, £8,50 for unlimited bowl
Location: Soho, Oxford Circus station


The Detox Kitchen

They have different places in London and love each one! The staff is super friendly and the food is so fresh, sophisticated and super healthy.
You can choose among the salads and protein, I usually take 3 salads and a protein. This costs around £10 and I feel really satisfied and full after it! The food is scrumptious and all the salads are very good. I love the fact that you can create your own plate!
Price: £6-£10 for main, £1,5-£4 dessert
Where: Soho, Fitzrovia



A perfect Japanese and Brazilian fusion! Suggested by a brazilian friend who lives in London, we went there together. This place reminds me so much Brazil and how much I miss this beautiful country. You can find Temakinho in Roma, Milano, Ibiza and for a couple of months now: in London! I love the setting there: simply beautiful and colorful – you feel like you’re under the tropics. I took a kind of salmon tartare with avocado and almonds flakes on the top with a very yummy sauce and we shared some “banana sushis” (yes you read it well!) with whipped cream. It was amazzzzing! The plate were perfectly presented and they are as good as they’re beautiful (and they try to be sustainable as much as possible!).
Price: £10-£15
Where: Soho

Whole Foods Market

Very known in the USA, we also have some around UK, especially in London. I usually go to the one near Piccadilly Circus as it is close to my work.
High-quality, organic and sustainability oriented, I love going there to grab my lunch at their hot and cold buffets. The food is delicious, you can fill your box with everything you want but do not forget that you pay regarding its weight so the more it weights, the more you pay… But it really worth it. Usually I’ve got a great and complete meal for £7-£12. In addition of the buffets, you can also opt for the fresh sushis, burritos and pizzas, or you can simply grab some to-go food in the supermarket 🙂
Food: high-quality, sustainable and organic
Price: per weight for the buffet
Location: Piccadilly Circus and more


I got to know this one during a professional meeting and lucky me, it was on my to-do list here in London 🙂 I had a breakfast but I definitely want to go back for lunch and dinner. NOPI is one of Ottolenghi’s restaurants. Yotam Ottolenghi is a Isreali-born British chef and author of several cookbooks. Creating a “sunny” food as Ottolenghi’s team says, Nopi is definitely one of my favorite restaurants here in London. The food is amazing, fresh and so rich in flavors. It is so hard to pick only a dish among the menu! I took the shakshuka, a Middle-East dish with braised eggs, piquante tomato sauce and smoked labneh. My tastebuds could not be more happy! The flavors are perfectly balanced, spiced and rich. Regarding the place and the staff, really great experience – really! By only writing about this place I already want to come back! Seriously guys I strongly recommend it.
Food: high-quality, Mediterranean influences
Price: £10 breakfast, £20-£25 for a main, +10% service
Location: Soho, piccadilly circus station

When waiting for my colleagues to arrive…


I found this place while walking with my friend Jolien. Jolien and I love the same kind of food and can keep talking about it for hours! We found it on Saturday (after having lunch) and decided to give a try the day after. The place is lovely and their credo? “Let the food be your medicine”. It is super busy during week-ends and you can’t make any reservations. We had to wait 30 minutes before getting a table, but where happy to 🙂 The staff is super friendly and the interior is really cool!
I found the food a little bit pricey compared to other places I go. I took the Macro Bowl – it was really good but to be honest it did not fill me enough and still felt hungry after it.
Price: £15 for a main, £10 for a dessert + 12,5% service


Have you ever been to some of this list above? What are your favorite food spots in London? I would love to know 😀




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  1. A very well-written article. Loved to read about all your fav places! You brought me to two of them so far as I can see hihi. Will try to check the others out as well if I happen to be in the area 🙂 X

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment (my very first one!) hehe. It is always a pleasure to experience those spots with you and I hope we will discover other great spots together! You’re amazing girllll ❤

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