New favorite: ENOUGH snacklab

Earlier this week, I went to FREE FROM Festival in London, which is a festival opened the entire day with many food brands sharing something in common: the desire to make delicious food yet healthy, also suitable for gluten/dairy intolerant and vegan people.

The brands were exhibiting their gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free products, making people tasting them and selling them.

It was a great opportunity to discover new super yummy and guilt-free products. Among my lovely discoveries, there is one brand I would particularly like to share with you guys: ENOUGH. snacklab.


” ENOUGH with the processed and so-called ‘healthy’ products out there! There is ENOUGH of the good stuff in our snacks for you to be totally kick-ass! “

ENOUGH. is constantly searching to create new snacks that give everything our body needs to perform optimally. Using the best ingredients and combining them in a perfectly way, their snacks boost our energy levels while being a pure delight for our taste buds.

Their philosophy is all about feeling good and treating ourselves with high quality yet so yummy snacks.

All of them have got their specific health benefits depending on the combination  of super foods they are made of.

18816968_10211358477691384_1275863905_n (1).jpg

“Our aim was to create a product that would keep our cognitive performance at the top level while strengthening our digestive system, boost immunity and not make us crash after 20 minutes. ” 

I tried many of their products and all of them were completely new for me as they are so different from what already exists on the market. Many of them are not yet on their website.

Some are packed with ingredients such as ashwagandha,  siberian ginseng, camu camu, reishi, collagen and many other that we commonly don’t find on the market.

I bought two products:

The Velvet Sea Salt: it looks like a brownie but it is much healthier! This fudge is mainly made of raw cacao, adjuki beans and brazil nuts. Camu Camu (vitamin C) and Collagen (skin & hair beauty) are added to give it a perfect health twist.
Not only this snack is very low in sugar and high in good fats and protein, but it has got a good amount of different minerals and vitamins. It is the perfect snack to keep the gut healthy while nourishing our skin and hair, so we feel completely glowing and happy!

The Mineral Green Goddess: It is a refreshing cream in a jar combining avocado, spirulina, fennel, banana, ginger and coconut. The texture is amazing and the taste is really well balanced and fresh. Free from dairy, gluten, refined sugar and soya, this kind of mousse is perfect for warmer days, while keeping carbs low and mineral and vitamins high. Nourishing our body and our mind at the same time 🙂


I hope you guys liked it! Feel free to visit ENOUGH. snacklab website for more information! They just started and I can’t wait to discover more of their products 🙂




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