Santorini with Agapi mou

Santorini was the last stop of our summer trip. After visiting the beautiful Praga, Vienna and Budapest, we wanted to end our trip in a place where we could chill-out on the beach. Santorini (Greece) won that selection process!

On 18th July 2016 at night we arrived on this breathtaking island. We chose to stay at Erato Apartments in Firostefani. We were super happy of the location: super central, near to the local bus lines (we chose to not rent a car) and walking distance to Fira. The studio hotel in itself was really nice: beautiful double-room with a kitchen area, balcony with a view over the Aegean sea, clean sheets every day and a swimming pool :). As a lot of (very beautiful) places are overpriced in Santorini – especially during the high season – we were very happy of this pick, which was good value for money! Waking up to the sunrise, having breakfast and dinner on the balcony… that was priceless!

1st day: Volcano Tour & Hot Springs

I think the name of the company was Dakoutrous Bros company for this, I am not 100% sure – we booked it via our hotel.

The tour departed from Fira’s old port at 11am. On the way down, we crossed the path to many groups of donkeys used to carry tourists (poor them…). From there, we arrived at the harbor of Erinia, which is the volcano bay. We could climb the volcano by taking the rocky pathway and at the top, the guide showed us the steam going out of the active crater. Was pretty impressive and it was the first time I was walking on a volcano!

Then, we headed to Palea Kamenia island to swim in the hot springs. They are the famous bud baths (red color, formed by volcanic eruptions) that are known to be good for the skin – pretty healthy bath right?

We stayed in Fira (the capital of the island) during the rest of the day, wandering and shopping Greek food for our diner 🙂

2nd day: Hike from our place to Oía

There is an amazing hike path between Fira and Oía, passing through the pretty villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli. It is known to be the most scenic route as walking along the caldera offers impressive views over the volcano and the Aegean sea. It is a 10 km hike that takes yo between 3 or 4 hours for you to complete (seriously… take your time to enjoy the amazing view along your ride ;)). Once arrive in Oia, we were super hungry and ate in a restaurant a bit secluded from the hustle and bustle of the tourists area. I took some sardiiiiines (love that so much) and my boyfriend tried the infamous Mousaka.

Then we stay in the marvelous, magical city Oia, known to be the most picturesque village of the island and for its breathtaking sunsets. Located in the northern part of the island, on the cliff, you get constantly an amazing view over the Agean sea. Narrow white streets, small shops, taverns and blue domed churches make Oia so charming. After wandering in those photogenic streets (but also very crowded… haarf) we went back BY BUS this time hahaha (excuse: need to save some energy for the day after).

We ended up the day chilling out in the swimming pool and spending the evening in Fira after watching the sunset there.


3rd day: quad riding on the island

We rented a quad bike so we could explore the farest places more easily and freely. On our route:

The Red beach
It is a gorgeous beach located in the southern part of the island. The Red beach is one of the most famous of Santorini due to its black and red volcanic rocks. You have to walk a bit to get access to it, and on the way you get a splendid view of those rocks flirting with the sea.

Kamari beach

Located in the southeast part, this one has got the particularity to have black sand. We stayed there a couple of hours lying down on sunbeds and going into the water at some points 🙂

Dinner at Koukoumavlos Fine Dining Restaurant

After this quad riding trip we ended up this holiday with an amazing dinner in a stunning setting in Fira. Koukoumavlos restaurant has received various prestigious awards such as the Award of Quality and Taste by Estiatoria and every year it receives the distinguished Toque d’Or award. The food was excellent yet sophisticated served in a breathtaking setting… Awesome experience – high recommended!

4th day – let’s catch the sunrise before going back home

We woke up soooo early to enjoy our last moments in Santorini. We drove with the quad bike to reach the highest point of the island and enjoy the beautiful sunrise. We actually ran a bit late and the sunrise appeared on the way… That was still worth it tho 🙂


Hope you guys enjoyed the article! Please feel free to ask me questions or to give feedback 🙂 Would love to hear from you ❤




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  1. aurelietoro2016 says:

    Cela avait l’air sublime… je connais bien la Grèce mais je ne suis jamais allée à Santorin! J’en rêve ❤
    Pleins de bisous ma douce
    Plume d'Auré

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