Morning ritual: my Macacha blend

I discovered Macacha some weeks ago at Whole Foods Market in London. It is a pretty new brand on the market. I had been looking for a supplement powder that has got MORE than only protein for a while and I found exactly what I was looking for in Macacha products. Let’s talk about it!

They currently sell too different blends: an Energy blend with maca & yerba maté and a Peace blend with holy basil and lavender. Both of them have got a vanilla flavor absolutely delicious, and roughly the same nutritive values. The Energy one has got natural caffeine (yerba maté) and maca that give you an extra boost. It might be better to use this one in the morning for those of you who have a very active lifestyle as it is energizing. The Peace blend has got relaxant and anti-anxiety properties (lavender & holy basil). This one is particularly nice if you exercise in the evening – you can taking it before going to bed so you let your muscles recovering, feeling calm and peaceful. I saw that they will launch soon a Beauty blend that I can’t wait to discover too…

Credit: Macacha website

Philosophy of the brand

“We formulate using plants because they are rich in a wide range of phytonutrients such as antioxidants, omegas, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals that support all health systems in the body.”

I completely looove their philosophy and wanted to share it with you guys. First of all, they aim to make people feel their best by offering them the best nutritional supplements products. They select carefully their ingredients and source them from organic agriculture only. For me it is so important to eat organic whenever possible and I try to source my veggies and fruits from organic farms, even if there is a price to pay… But as we say – it is better to pay the price now than later, right? Second, they believe in that plant-based products – rather than animal-based products – make yourself feel better and it is also a way to take care of our beautiful and precious planet.

Macacha Maca & Yerba Maté blend

I chose the maca & yerba maté one to use with my breakfast. I absolutely adore it! You can mix it with water, the milk of your choice (I love using almond or coconut milk) or  you can use it in your breakfast recipes. I know that some powders are not really good when mixed with water but it’s not the case with this one – the taste is really nice like this! When I don’t use it as a drink, I sprinkle it over my banana pancakes, it gives a nice vanilla flavor to it and it completes my breakfast.  I don’t use blend it with my pancake preparation as I am afraid that it looses some of its benefits with the heat… (if someone can advice me on this please feel free 🙂 )



High in protein (58,6g for 100g) and nutrients, the powder is made of brown rice protein, pea protein, maca root powder (energizer, hormone and mood balance), baobab (vitamin C, sugar blood levels stabilizer), cranberry fruit powder, flax seed powder (omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin B1, magnesium), seaweed kelp (iodine, polyphenols), ginger, vanilla flavoring, yerba maté and stevia. All ingredients are organic and completely free from GMO, soya, gluten, artificial sweeteners.

The Macacha blend gives an extra support to the energy metabolism and the thyroid function thanks to the iodine found in kelp (which is very good for me as I have to watch out my thyroid function). Not only the powder contains iodine but also other nutrients such as iron and many amino acids that help you to feel wonderful 🙂

I’ve been taking it for a week now and I completely adore it. As I don’t eat red meat I try to watch out my protein and iron intakes to stay in a good health. I have never been a big fan of protein powders as I find it so hard to find a blend that has got all the properties I’m looking for – however this one won my heart! I really feel good during the day and it makes my breakfast very complete thanks to all its nutritional properties. And the packaging… so cute, I love it too (That was probably what caught my eyes in the supermarket ahahah)! Regarding the price, it is £32 for 500g. It can seems a bit pricey but actually comparing to other brands I think it is really fine for what you get. I bought it at Wholefoods when there was a 20% discount on it so I paid a bit less hehe. I will continue to use it and perhaps next time I will try the Peace one 🙂

What do you think about nutritional supplements powders? Do you use one?

Xx Love,



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