50 facts about me

I thought that could be fun to share with you 50 facts about me. I’ve had wanted to do this for so long and finally did it! So… let’s start and enjoy

  1. I am more often called Gégé than Géraldine
  2. I’m 24 years old
  3. I’ve got an addiction for nut butters (my biggest challenge is to make the newly bought jar last longer than the previous one)
  4. I love learning, I’m super curious about everything and make sure to learn something everyday before going to bed
  5. The number 5 has always been following me in my life – I consider it as my lucky number!
  6. I graduated from a Master degree in Science of Business last year
  7. I am that kind of girl who’s got a bigger appetite than her boyfriend (if you relate to this tell me so I don’t feel too bad)
  8. Breakfast is what gets me out of bed in the morning (it’s also my favorite meal of the day)
  9. I have a profound interest for nutrition and I love challenging myself to make healthier (and delicious) version of sweet treats and sharing them with my loved ones.
  10. I am French! Even if I have heard many times that I don’t look like so
  11. I’ve got a half-brother who’s 10 years older than me
  12. I am from the countryside – le Limousin – and it always feels so good to go back there
  13. I was raised by a single mom who’s always believed in me and supported me to follow my dreams
  14. I lived in Brazil for a year and consider this country as “mon pays de coeur” 
  15. I recently left Europe to live in Monterrey (Mexico) with my favorite human on earth
  16. We met in Amsterdam, where we both lived. This place will always have a special place for us
  17. We share the same passion for traveling – so far have travelled in 13 different countries together
  18. I fell in love with Greece and really want to go baaaack!
  19. My travel bucket list includes Japan, Costa Rica and Indonesia
  20. When I was 20 years old, I worked as a volunteer in an association focusing on children’s education in Namibia – this was one of the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had
  21. I consider myself as a minimalist
  22. I value better quality over quantity
  23. I feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable when there’s too many things surrounding me
  24. I don’t blow dry my hair and my hairdo is almost inexistent
  25. I barely put makeup on my face (my knowhow is limited to mascara and lipstick’ use)
  26. I am very sensitive to cold so I prefer being in a warm country
  27. I am a sun chaser, sun is my cure and my fuel!
  28. Water is my favorite element
  29. I am more an outdoor person than an indoor person
  30. I always need to be moving and can’t stand sitting on a chair for long
  31. My favorite way to recharge my batteries is escaping the city to go to the countryside/beach
  32. Watching the sky makes me feel relax and could spend hours just like this
  33. I easily get anxious
  34. I am a light sleeper at night and literally wake up at every noise and move
  35. Paradoxically, I easily fall asleep in a car, bus or train
  36. Morning is my favorite part of the day
  37. I love watching documentaries
  38. Younger, I used to practise synchronized swimming, gymnastic and modern-jazz dance
  39. Now I practise yoga and pilates whenever I can
  40. I am a cat person and literally love animals
  41. I don’t eat meat and I’m progressively quitting on any kind of animal products
  42. I don’t like when people don’t put back the toilet’s lid after use
  43. I can’t wear any earrings which are not in gold for long
  44. I’m only 1.58m
  45. I tend to care too much about what people think of me, but I’m working on it
  46. Deeply in me, I’ve always an wanted to become an actress
  47. My closest friends are like sisters to me
  48. I love spicy
  49. I believe in energies and karma
  50. Growing, improving, being opened to learn to be a better person are essential to me

How many of the above did you already know?
What did you learn about me?
Could you share 5 facts about you? I would love to know!

Love you guys!



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