From Puebla to Mexico City

Holaaaaa chicos!! I’m baaaaack!

Last November/December I had the chance to travel to Puebla and Mexico city – I especially liked this trip and I am happy to share the experience with you guys!


“Good to know” facts
  • Puebla was founded in 1531 and originally named “Puebla de los Angeles”
  • It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The city is surrounded by 4 volcanos
  • Puebla is also known in for the famous Battle of Puebla (5th May 1862: now independence day) where Mexican army defeated French forces of Napoleon III.
  • Puebla is only 2-hour from Mexico city by bus
  • There are 70 churches in the city center
  • Puebla is renowned for its beautiful painted ceramic tiles (“Talavera”), which also adorn more than 1000 buildings in the city


What to see/to do:

  • To walk in the beautiful and colorful streets of the city center – don’t forget calle de los dulces and the Zocalo (= public square)
  • To enter in the Cathedral of Puebla (considered as one of the best of the country)
  • To see the Capilla del Rosario: an impressive church with Baroque architecture. The interior is plated with gold, which is absolutely outstanding!
  • To visit the Biblioteca Palafoxiana: considered as the first public library in the Americas (opened in the XVII century) – the place is impressive and super interesting, there is an app on various available iPads where you can read everything about the place – I loved it and recommend it! (fee is around €1)
  • To go to the talavera shops and get something personalized – I highly recommend Talavera Joselito
  • To use the Teleferico if you want to see the city from above and get to know some interesting facts (fee’s around €1,5)
  • To ride on the Estrella de Puebla (Puebla’s big wheel): it is the largest portable wheel in the world. It gives a nice view of the city (fee’s a bit less than €2)
  • To walk through Calle 6 Norte and Calle 6 Sur and visit the cute shops

Museums to visit

  • Museo Amparo: pre-hispanic art and onwards. Very beautiful museum and interesting (free of charge)
  • Casa del Alfeñique: art detailing Spanish conquest. I did not have the chance to enter as the building was under work (probably due to the earthquake that happened earlier)

Where to eat

  • Casona de la China Poblana: highly recommended! Perfect service, food is delicious. You should try the degustation of Mole, where you have different Mole (special sauce very famous in Puebla, the Mole Poblano is made with chocolate). You should also order some Guacamole, which they make in front of you!
  • La Zanahoria: It is a vegetarian restaurant. I went there for lunch time and took the buffet option for 90 pesos (less than €5). It is very diverse and you can help yourself as much as you want. It was really worth it and delicious!
  • Casa de los Muñecos: We did not get the chance to eat there but it was on my list and we went there to see it and bought some of their Mole to do at home 🙂
  • El Anafre Rojo: we were having breakfast every morning there – good food and good service too!
  • El Mural de los Poblanos: we did not get the chance to try it but was recommended by a taxi driver we met 🙂

Where to stay

  • We stayed at Hotel Señorial in the old town and were very happy of the service and the room – I recommend it if you don’t go through Airbnb


I absolutely looooved Cholula. We spend a day there while we were staying in Puebla as it is only around 20km away of the city (& there’s a lot of UBER around).


“Good to know” facts
  • You can find the largest pyramid of the world in Puebla
  • Cholula is one of the “Pueblos Magicos” (Magical Towns)
  • It is considered as the oldest city in America
  • It has got a large student population with lots of international people.

What to see/to do

  • To visit the Archeological Site & Museum: we could walk through the underground tunnels of the pyramid site, which was awesome
  • To walk in the colorful streets (Convent, Zocalo, the old town isn’t that big)

Where to eat

  • La Colmena: I had a delicious vegan burger in a very pretty place
  • Try the food specialities such as Tamales, las Orejas de elefante “Elephant ears” (large blue tortilla with the frijoles, cheese…), bebida de cacao (chocolate drink) and so on.


Mexico City


“Good to know” facts
  • Mexico City and its Metropolitan area represents a total of 21.2 million people.
  • The city was built on a lake – Texcoco lake
  • This capital has got the largest amount of museums in the Americas (186 recognized museums). Mexico City wins the 2nd place on the worldwide scale (after London).
  • Its metro system is the largest of Latin America and counts 195 metro stations.
What to see/to do
  • Visit the old town: Zocalo, Cathedral, Palacio Nacional, Palacio de los Correos (impressive), Palacio de Bellas Artes, Casa de los Azulejos, Torre Latino (we said that we wanted to go to the restaurant to not pay the entrance fee)
  • Chapultepec Castle + walk around in Chapultepec park
  • Walk around Polanco – fancy neighborhood
  • Visit Coyoacan neighborhood – pretty and colorful
  • Go to Teotihuacan – it is such an impressive archeological site, so worth it! You have buses leaving Terminal del Norte every 30 minutes. Just avoid weekends and especially Sundays. We took the bus at 8h15am on a Monday, to avoid the tourists mass.
  • See el Angel de la Independencia 
  • Xochimilco – very colorful area full of flowers and with colorful boats on the canal. We did not have time to go there – we keep it for next time 🙂

Museums to visit

  • Templo Mayor Museum: I loved it – you see the ruins of the ancient city that used to be where Mexico City is now
  • Anthropology museum: very good museum with tons of information about Mexico’s history. It is the kind of museum you need several days if you really want to see and read everything (but is so worth it!)
  • Soumaya museum: Very famous for the original design of the building. It was founded by Carlos Slim. Showcase arts from various parts of the world. (entrance is free of charge)
  • Museum Jumex: art museum – you can actually take a good picture of the Soumaya museum from their terrace 😉
  • Frida Kahlo museum: this was on my list but did not find the time to go there 😦

Places to eat

We mainly went to places with vegan options, and here what I suggest you:

  • The Green Corner (Condesa): loved it! I tried one of their veggies burgers and the veggie sandwich in pita bread – delicious and great service! They have a little grocery store too with fresh and organic products.
  • Vegamo (near Zocalo): very small place so you have to be lucky to find a seat but it’s so worth it! Tried a veggie burger, salad and their raw cheesecake – was delish and really good price!
  • Basico (Polanco): I ordered the Mexican bowl filled with quinoa, guacamole and many other good stuff! Was supper yummy at a good price. It’s take away only so just find a nice place to sit in the park nearby 🙂
  • Vege Taco (Coyoacan): I think you can’t beat the price – for around 50 pesos we enjoyed a soup, salad and a main. It was simple yet delicious
  • Mercado Roma (Roma Norte): we actually walked in front of it when it was opening in the morning on our last day in Mexico DF – trendy place with cool vibe where you have many different stands for food/drinks
  • Ojo de Agua(Condesa) was on my list but we did not have time to try – a bit more pricey tho
  • La Buena Tierra (Condesa): this was suggested by our host but we did not manage to go. The menu looks really yummy

Tips: Visit museums the other days than Sunday and Monday. It can get very crowded on Sunday as it is free for Mexicain people & residents. On Monday, museums are closed (we went to Teotihuacan on that day then, to visit the archeological site).


I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you haven’t visited Puebla or Mexico, I hope it makes you wanna go there!

Did you find it helpful? Have you already tried theses places? Which other places would you recommend?

I would love to hear from you 🙂

Love Xx



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